You are excited to go to the first holiday party of the season. Your dress fits, without wearing your too-tight Spanx. Check. Your husband is dressed and looking suave. Check. The baby-sitter arrived on time and has the kids under control. Check. You grab your purse, coat and hostess gift. Uh-oh. Seriously. Can I ever be on time? Just once.

They say it’s proper etiquette to bring a hostess gift… who are “they” anyway? Yes, it is polite to show your appreciation when invited to someone’s home. It’s not the gift itself or the cost of the gift, it’s the gesture (psssttt… reminder, if coming to my home, I like cinnamon candles, green tea, milk chocolate and pastel-colored Fiestaware, but it’s the thought that counts so just your mere presence is enough, really).

Anyway, if you forget to get a gift, no worries… you can easily put something together in five minutes. A few ideas…

  • Keep a box of new, unopened Yankee Candles on hand. This has saved me quite a few times. Stick a bow on it and voilà!

  • You can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses if you have time to stop on the way.

  • Did your kids make cookies today? Throw em’ in a glass jar and tie a pretty bow around them and call it good.

  • A last minute candy dish is something I’ve made several times in a pinch. Not only was I am to recycle an unused wine glass, I was able to remove candy from my house. I slap a bow or an ornament... not too shabby in a pinch.

Hosts put time and effort into entertaining and providing the venue for which you will create memories and friendships while enjoying good food, drinks, and conversation. The moral of the story: have extra gifts on hand for back-up, just in case.


KA xoxox

PS: Life is Good

#hostessgift #christmas #holiday #gifts #thoughtful #friendship

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