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BEACHES of the Emerald Coast

Destin Beach

The beaches along the Emerald Coast are commonly written about in national publications, featured in national news stories,  and recognized  around the world as 

2016 Top 10 Beach,  Best Family-Friendly Beach,

Top 25 Beaches of the U.S. , 

Best Beaches on Earth for Families  and

America's Best Small Beach Town.


Explore the links below to find the perfect beach.




Q: Are fireworks allowed on the beach?

A: Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED on the beaches in Destin.


Q: Can I camp overnight on the beach?

A: Overnight camping is NOT ALLOWED on the beaches in Destin.

Click here for info on camping along on the Emerald Coast.


Q: Can I take my dog on the beach?

A: Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the beaches in Destin/Okaloosa County.  Dog Permits are available for the beaches in Walton County (click here).  We encourage you to visit dog parks located along the Emerald Coast (click here).


Q: Are fires allowed on the beach?

A: Destin is in Okaloosa County and according to County Ordinance 79-41 fires are illegal on the beach between the water’s edge and mean high water mark or vegetation line, whichever is further. Fires are allowed in Walton County according to County Ordiance 2003-7.


Beach Bonfires

South Walton Bonfire 30a Bonfire Emerald Coast Kids

30a Beach South Walton Beach Emerald Coast Kids
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