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Do you homeschool your children or are you thinking about it? Do you know what the best curriculum to use with a child who struggles with reading? Do you know the most efficient way to homeschool six children at the same time?  


Do you know that homeschooling can promote a stronger, more cohesive relationship between the parent and child and the relationship strengthens through the learning of lessons, while celebrating success as each goal is met? The foundation for open communication, discussion and guidance is also enhanced between parent and child.  The comfort level of the homeschool classroom is the direct creation of the parent and child. The idea of homeschooling is to protect, guide and nurture as well as educate your child. 


The links below will provide resources to a plethora of homeschool curriculum, local links and more for Walton County homeschoolers and Okaloosa County homeschoolers! 

Okaloosa Homeschool Emerald Coast Kids
Emerald Coast Kids Science Center
Emerald Coast Kids Destin Dance classes Niceville Dance classes
Destin Homeschool Resources

* Note: Check your local library and do a Facebook search for local Homeschool co-ops / groups. 

Field Trips, Resources, Misc. Info 

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