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emergency emerald coast kids

Copyright © 2020 www.EmeraldCoastKids.org ~ All Rights Reserved

www.EmeraldCoastKids.org is an online resource guide that supports families by linking kids, teens & parents with local businesses and professionals... providing links, info and other resources to strengthen and support local and visiting families. Because of the generous support of sponsors, this service is free. The website is useful to everyone... parents searching for answers to parenting questions, looking for baby-sitters or reaching out looking for after-school activities; teens looking for college scholarships; tweens needing friend advice; students needing to find out about school try-outs; kids wanting to find tutors, a virtual library (aka research playground) or play learning games; moms planning birthday parties; visitors looking for things to do and local attractions; anyone trying to find local events; and, well, there's so many things. Once you familiarize with the website, we believe you'll make it your go-to resource for all things kids, teens & families!   

Emerald Coast Kids, Inc. was formed with the sole purpose of developing EmeraldCoastKids.org, an online family resource guide, directory and parent information website.  The guide is intended to be a way for kids, teens and families to access much-needed data quickly, in one place, without having to spend countless hours online searching for the information. The guide includes comprehensive info and links to things such: events & local calendars; places & things to do - attractions, restaurants, shopping, fishing, boating, camping, etc.; school info, STEM, tutors, learning games, bus schedules, etc.; childcare, babysitters, after school care & KNO; after school activities, lessons & classes (sports, swim, art, drama, golf, dance, music, etc.); party ideas, venues & cakes; teens (driving, college resources, health & fitness, job/resume help, learning to driving); summer camp listings & vacation ideas; emergency contacts, community service, fitness & nutrition, pets, DIY/crafts, recipes, churches, freebies (kids eat free/coupons); and more!

Camps. Summer.

Spring Break. Vacation.

Everyone loves summer and is much happier in the summer. It's the season devoted to fun times and spending time with family & friends.  School is out so it’s time to find something for the kids to do. Is your child adventurous? Sporty? Theatrical? Musical? Super Smart? Lazy? Whatever activity you choose for your child, find something new & exciting. if you have time to spend with them, enjoy every moment with them #kidsgrowup2fast. 

If you went to camp as a child, you may remember your experience and think how good it would be for your child.  For those that did not attend camp, you may not comprehend why parents are so committed to shipping their kids off each summer for a week or two, or maybe you opt for day camp while you work each day. Whatever you choose, below is a list of reasons that camp may be a positive option, kids and teens alike may benefit:


  • Spend days being physically, academically and/or socially active 

  • Experience success and become more confident 

  • Unplug from technology 

  • Develop life-long skills

  • Grow more independent 

  • Develop social skills (leadership, communication & participation)

  • Develop self-respect & character building (responsibility, resourcefulness & resilience)

  • Develop community living/service skills (caring, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness)

  • Reconnect with nature 

  • Make true friends while learning team-building skills  

  • Try new activities, skills, sports & adventures

  • Develop decision-making skills