Studies have shown that DRAMA is a great way for children to express

themselves outside of the regular classroom setting, whether in the form of

drama classes, attending local theater performances or participating in drama camps. 

Drama is a way to: build vocal skills; develop communication skills; learn how to express oneself; overcome fear of public speaking; socialize with peers; learn how to build confidence, self-esteem, social skills and conversational ability; find innovative methods to be creative; teach empathy; and to become good communicators! Most importantly, drama and theater give kids the opportunity to have fun! 




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Improv Warm Up Games 


Singers prepare their voices. Dancers stretch their limbs. Improvisers need to warm-up their minds, bodies and the team. Professional talent uses the following exercises regularly before rehearsals and performances.   STANDING IN A CIRCLE… 



Go around the circle in order. One at a time, players yell out any word that comes to mind. Never think. Just yell out the first thing in your head. Make eye contact with the person that intends to follow you (to your left or right). If you are next make eye contact and receive the energy of the prior speaker. 



Player one claps, points and makes eye contact with another player in the circle while saying “ZIP!” Player two does the same saying “ZAP!” Player thee says “ZUP!” Continue indefinitely. Big energy and focus will allow this game to wake up the team. COUNT to 21:The whole team closes their eyes. As a team count to 21. Anytime two or more speak together, start back at 1. The team must listen to each other, each other’s breath.  



Create an original story. Each player can add one word at a time. Every word is important. Listen to the entire team so that your word will make sense grammatically and to the story. Project so that others can understand you. Make eye contact with the player before and after you, and then follow the story around the circle with your eyes. This will ensure the highest level of focus. 


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