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#BeNice #SuperMomTip Newsletter#1

Thank you for your interest in Our goal is to be the go-toonline family resource guide for all things kids, teens & families. Our website includes links to events & local calendars; places & things to do (attractions, restaurants, shopping, fishing, boating, camping, etc.); school info, STEM, homework help, learning games, bus schedules, school calendars, etc.; childcare, babysitters, after school care & KNO; after school activities, lessons & classes (sports, swim, art, drama, golf, dance, music, etc.); party ideas, venues & cakes; teen stuff (driving, college resources & scholarships, resume help, learning to drive); summer camp listings & vacation ideas; local info, emergency contacts, community service, fitness & nutrition, pets, DIY/crafts, recipes, freebies (kids eat free/coupons); and so much more! Do you want to know where kids eat free? Need a babysitter? Want to try a new restaurant or explore a new local beach? Do you know when spring break is or how tosign up for rec sports? Do you need to plan a party? Need to check out local or national news? Want to volunteer? This website has it all. We create, edit & update info daily. If you need more info, want to add your freebusiness listing, want premium advertising, or need help promoting an event, we'd love to hear from you. Have a safe & wonderful holiday! Kellyanne :-) PS: Make someone smile... it's easy & could change the rest of their day.

We came across this website that WE LOVE and thought we'd share...Choose To Be Nice is a social movement dedicated to encouraging and inspiring kindness wherever and whenever possible. We’re improving the way people interact with one another by reminding them that they have a choice about how to “be” in the world. You can join by making the promise today.0

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A quick time-saving tip from one mom to another...Save time writing your address by putting address label stickers in your wallet (or a pre-inked address stamp) to use when filling out school forms on the go; when having to fill out raffle tickets; and to put on items you want returned like borrowed books or casserole dishes. Look for more mom tips on Facebook, our website and in the next newsletter.

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